Lafayette Boulevard Multimodal Corridor Study

Project DetailsLafayette_logo

Consultant:  Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
Sub-consultant:  Cordell & Crumley (Public Involvement)
Budget: $300,000
Funding: $300,000 (RSTP)
Completion Date: October 2009

Scope of Work

The Lafayette Boulevard Multimodal Corridor Study focused on modifications to the corridor to improve conditions on Lafayette Boulevard for all modes of transportation between downtown Fredericksburg and US 1.

Preferred Alternatives

The Lafayette Boulevard corridor was divided into four sections, based on the general character of development and land uses at its border and recommended corridor modification measures.  The recommended corridor plan includes tailored recommendations for each of the following four sections:

Downtown Fredericksburg Section (Sophia Street to Sunken Road)


Lafayette Boulevard Corridor Study

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Existing Conditions

Chapter 3 – Future Conditions

Chapter 4 – Recommendations

Chapter 5 – Implementation

Project Documents

03/01/2008 – Notice-to-Proceed for On-Call Task Order 08-04 – FAMPO Lafayette Blvd, Multimodal Corridor Study

03/30/2010 – Notice-to-Proceed on Task Order 10-01, Lafayette Blvd, Design Guidelines for the City of Fredericksburg

News Articles

06/17/2008 – Facelift in planning stage for Lafayette Blvd.

07/20/2008 – Do you have an opinion about Lafayette Boulevard? Share it

10/12/2008 – Lafayette Boulevard needs improvements, public says

03/03/2009 – News Release: One Step Closer to an Improved Lafayette Boulevard Public Workshop Scheduled for March 19, 2009

03/17/2009 – FAMPO ready for input meeting

09/28/2009 – Pedestrians might find Lafayette friendlier someday


Lafayette Boulevard Corridor Study – Implementations Strategy for Recommended Immediate to Short-Term Improvements

August 2009 – Presentation to City of Fredericksburg City Council – Recommended Plan

September 2011 – Presentation to Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors – Recommended Plan


06/18/2007 – FAMPO Resolution 07-31, Endorsing a Grant Request to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for a Grant to Conduct a Multimodal Corridor Evaluation of Lafayette Boulevard Employing the TRANSIMS Modeling Program

11/19/2007 – FAMPO Resolution 07-42, To add $225,000 of RSTP Funding to Fully Finance the Lafayette Boulevard Multimodal Corridor Study

10/27/2009 – City of Fredericksburg Resolution 09-111, Endorsing the Lafayette Boulevard Corridor Study Findings, Vision and Improvement Concepts