The Community Engagement and Equity Plan

An information graphic explaining the Community Engagement and Equity Plan

The Community Engagement and Equity Plan

What is it?

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are required to have a public participation plan and Title VI plan. The Public Participation Plan is a public document that conveys how the MPO will bring members of the public into the transportation planning process. The Title VI plan is a public document that conveys the actions an MPO will take to comply with nondiscrimination laws.

Realizing that public participation efforts and nondiscrimination compliance are intertwined, in 2021, FAMPO created and adopted one master document that satisfies the requirement to have a Title VI and public participation plan. This document is fittingly called the Community Engagement and Equity Plan. See Resolution 21-37 where the FAMPO Policy Committee voted to approve combining a Public Participation Plan with a Title VI Plan.

What is the purpose of the plan?

For FAMPO staff, the plan serves as a reference and work plan.

For members of the public, the plan provides a transparent view of staff efforts and also a handy public reference manual to encourage and support public involvement in the transportation decision-making process.

For state and federal departments, the plan explains how FAMPO intends to conduct public outreach and adhere to federal nondiscrimination laws.

A note on plan implementation –

Although FAMPO has adopted the plan, it will not be implemented until the 2020 Census data is available. FAMPO staff will use the Census data to create a demographic profile of the region. The demographic profile allows staff to identify hard-to-reach and marginalized populations within the region and develop effective outreach strategies.