Findings from Public Outreach Efforts in December

In December, FAMPO conducted public outreach at six public libraries in our region. Library patrons were asked in Spanish and English to “Share your transportation concerns!” Patrons recorded their comments on sticky notes and posted them to a display board, pictured below. FAMPO staff assisted with writing as necessary. We collected 57 transportation related questions from 30 library patrons.

What did we learn?

Public comments reflect a strong desire for alternative modes of travel. Comments collected express a need for more sidewalks and bike paths, more FRED service, more VRE service. Surprisingly, traffic was not a major concern. The word cloud below shows the diversity of comments with letter sizing increasing according to the number of comments received.

How will FAMPO use this public input?

A summary of the public comments, as well as specific location-based concerns, were recorded in this document. The document was given to FAMPO committee members and staff to help inform their planning and decision making.

Questions or outreach request?

For questions, comments, or to request an outreach event for your group, contact FAMPO Public Outreach Coordinator, Stacey Feindt at, (540) 642-1235.