SMART SCALE Round Two FAMPO Projects

Twin Lake – Kensington Bike/Ped Connector

This project will extend the planned Multi-use trail along the north side of Lafayette Blvd from the Telegraph Hill development to Twin Lake Drive, construct a multi-use trail from the VCR Trail to Springwood Drive, and include one new bicycle repair station near Alum Springs Park.

Smart Scale Project Details

Brooke and Leeland VRE Station Improvements

Construct an approximately 715 space commuter parking lot on 10.6 acres at Commonwealth Drive and Route 1 in Spotsylvania County.  Bus lanes/loading area will be provided.  New RTL on SB Rte 1 will provide access.  Improvements to Commonwealth Drive.

Smart Scale Brooke VRE Station Project Details

Smart Scale Leeland Road VRE Station Project Details