SMART SCALE Round One FAMPO Projects

Rappahannock River Crossing (Southbound)

Construct 2 SB CD lanes along I-95 between Exits 133 and 130.  Reconstruct 133 SB interchange ramps and SB exit at 130.  Reconfigure parking at rest area and replace structurally deficient bridge on I-95 at Exit 133.

Project Detail

Commuter Park & Ride Lot at the Intersection of Route 1 and Commonwealth Drive

This project will build a new Park & Ride lot near Route 1 and Commonwealth Drive in Spotsylvania County’s Massaponax area.

The lot will have 715 parking spaces on 10.6 acres.

Bus and ridesharing loading areas will be included.

A right turn lane will be built on Route 1 southbound, and Commonwealth Drive will be improved.

This Smart Scale project is fully funded through construction. The project schedule is still under development. Dates for estimated construction will be posted to this page as soon as they are available.

Smart Scale Project Details

VDOT Project Details

Expansion of Commuter Parking Lot East of Exit 140 on I-95

This project will expand commuter parking being constructed as a part of the Interchange project (UPC 13558) by adding approximately 300 spaces to the adjacent parcel and will include approximately 200 spaces at a secondary location, near relocated Wyche Road.

Smart Scale Project Details