Rappahannock River Crossing Project

The Rappahannock River Crossing Project is designed to improve I-95 congestion by providing local traffic with an additional route to travel between Route 17 and Route 3, including two new bridges over the Rappahannock River.

The project was divided into two portions, the southbound project cost is $115.5 million and northbound project cost is $152 million.  It would add collector-distributor lanes along I-95 from US 17 in southern Stafford County to State Route 3 in Fredericksburg, including two new bridges over the Rappahannock River.

The Southbound (SB) Rappahannock River Crossing was one of nine of the eleven projects submitted to the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) by the FAMPO region for first Smart Scale project prioritization.  In May 2016, the CTB agreed to full fund the project through the construction phase.

SB Rappahannock River Crossing – $115.5 Million (Regional)RRC project sketch

  • Located in the City of Fredericksburg and Stafford County
  • $125 million total project cost. Receiving $115.5 million of total cost from HB2 funds

Project will add two collector-distributor lanes parallel to I-95 southbound between Exit 133/Route 17 in Stafford County and Exit 130/Route 3 in Fredericksburg. The new lanes will be carried over the Rappahannock River on a new bridge. Project also replaces the bridge deck and beams of the I-95 southbound overpass at Route 17, which is currently structurally deficient.

More information available on the VDOT Project Website.

The Northbound (NB) Rappahannock River Crossing is scheduled to go forward for funding consideration in the next round of the Smart Scale process in September 2016.

Project Description

Construct two (2) Collector-Distributor Lanes on Southbound 1-95 from Exit 133 (Route 17) to Exit 130 (Route 3).  Reconstruction of interchange at Exit 133 to improve capacity on SB exit ramp to Route 17 and to improve capacity on southbound on-ramp from Route 17.   Improve capacity on SB exit ramp at Exit 130 onto Route 3.  Reconfiguration of access and parking at rest area south of Rappahannock River on SB I-95. Replacement of Structurally Deficient bridge on I-95 at Exit 133.

This Smart Scale project is fully funded through construction in the FY2017-2022 Six-Year Improvement Program.

Project Improvements

1.  Add New Through Lanes(s) – Two (2) Collector-Distributor Lanes Southbound starting from 0.5 miles north of Exit 133 to Exit 130 on I-952.

2.  Roadway Reconstruction/Realignment – Modifications at Exits 133 & 130 (See Draft Interchange Modification Report (IMR))

3.  Improve Grade-Separated Interchange – Modifications at Exits 133 & 130 (See Draft IMR)

4.  Ramp Improvement(s) – Improved capacity on southbound on ramp from Rte. 17 (Exit 133) onto I-95.  Improved capacity on southbound exit ramp at Rte. 3 westbound (Exit 130)

5.  Intersection Improvement(s) – Improving weaving movements between Exit 130 off ramp onto westbound Rte. 3 and Carl D. Silver Parkway (entrance to Central Park shopping center)

6.  Turn Lane Improvement(s)

7.  New Traffic Signal/Signal Optimization – Signal installation at Exit 130 off ramp at Rte. 3 with new LED signal.  Signal installation at Exit 133 on Rte. 17 to on ramp with new LED signal (See Draft IMR)

8.  ITS Improvement(s) – Relocating and replacing existing traffic cameras

9.  New Bridge(s) – Collector-Distributor Lanes Bridge over the Rappahannock River.  New Bridge on southbound braid at Exit 133 (See Draft IMR)

10. Improve/replace existing bridge(s) – Replacing existing structurally deficient bridge on I-95 southbound at Exit 133.

11.  Highway Other – Reconfigure access and parking at Rest Area on southbound I-95 (see Draft IMR)

Draft Interchange Modification Report

Volume I


Volume II (figures)

Graphics of Preferred Alternative






Environmental Assessment

Environmental Assessment

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For information on the I-95 Access Study, please click here.

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