There are two projects that FAMPO is requesting public feedback on:

1. Transportation Improvement Program Amendment to add the Fredericksburg Station Rehabilitation Project (UPC T11606) to the FY21-FY24 TIP. This amendment is proposed by the Department of Rail and Passenger Transportation to rehabilitation of approximately 125 feet of existing side platforms adjacent to both Track 2 and Track 3 – including to lengthen existing platforms from approximately 400 feet and have a functional boarding length of approximately 525 feet – signage, sidewalks, lighting, and painting of canopies and other VRE facilities. Total cost is $9,630,620 with $7,704,496 provided by 5337 Rail State of Good Repair, funding, $1,540,899 in state matching funds and $385,225 in local matching funds. Please send your comments to

2. The draft Transit report for “The Intraregional Multimodal East-West Mobility Study” has been published. The study aims to identify solutions to moving people and goods along East-West corridors in the region to compliment improvements to I-95, the VRE & Amtrak rail corridor, the replacement to the Harry Nice Bridge, as well as some upgrades to US Route 1 that moves people from North to South. Read the Transit report here and participate in the survey here. We welcome any additional comments about the Transit report sent to

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