There are three public comment opportunities at this time.

  1. The draft Fiscal Year 2024-2029 funding for Congestion Management Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ), Surface Transportation Block Grant program (STBG), Carbon Reduction Program (CRP), and Highway Improvement Program (HIP) are available for public comment.
    • FAMPO provides a small amount of CMAQ, STBG, and CRP transportation funding to local governments and transit providers each year via a competitive grant process. Each jurisdiction or entity selects the projects they submit to FAMPO and FAMPO scores the projects based on an established criteria adopted by the FAMPO Policy Committee. FAMPO invites public comments on the scored and selected projects with allocation totals.
    • Review the scored projects and provide your comments by May 9.
  2. The draft Fiscal Year 2024-2027 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is open for public comment.
    • This is an opportunity to provide feedback on whether projects fit the region’s transportation needs, how projects affect the community, and how projects may impact the public’s ability to reach goods and services.
    • Review the draft 2024-2027 TIP and provide your comments by May 18.
  3. The draft Fiscal Year 2024 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) is open for public comment.
    • The UPWP serves as the annual work program for FAMPO and provides details of the transportation-related planning activties that FAMPO intends to accomplish during the fiscal year. These activties will utilize federal, state, and local resources.
    • Review the draft 2024 UPWP and provide your comments by May 18.

To provide feedback, please contact FAMPO:

  • By adding a comment on this News post
  • By mail at: 406 Princess Anne St., Fredericksburg, VA 22401
  • By email at:, or
  • By calling: (540) 642-1235

Additionally, you can speak directly to FAMPO committee members at any FAMPO committee meeting during the “Public Comment” section of the agenda. Comments are limited to three minutes. Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are located at 406 Princess Anne St. Find below upcoming FAMPO meetings to attend:

  • Technical Advisory Committee meeting – Monday, May 1 at 9:30AM
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee meeting – Thursday, May 4 at 6PM
  • Citizens Advisory Transportation Committee meeting – Wednesday, May 10 at 6PM
  • Policy Committee meeting – Monday, May 15 at 6PM held at 86 Deacon Rd. Fredericksburg, VA 22405